The ECIP website is now closed, but don't worry, you can find us on NHS Improvement's improvement hub.


The improvement hub lets you search hundreds of improvement resources - you can even share your own. You can also collaborate and explore your ideas with colleagues on the discussion board.


The final day to access is Friday 24th March 2017, after this date the site will be available through the national archive.



Here, and in the sub-pages of this section, you will find some useful tools, resources, case studies and videos. Check back on a regular basis as new material will be added regularly. 

Tools and Resources

1. Rapid Improvement Guide to Red and Green Bed Days

2. A Red2Green Quick Guide

3. A Red2Green slide presentation

4. Posters: 

5. Newsletters: 

  • Create a newsletter to keep staff across your organisation about what's happening on R2G. An example from Ipswich can be found here. 

6. Audit Tools 

7. Reference documents and articles