The ECIP website is now closed, but don't worry, you can find us on NHS Improvement's improvement hub.


The improvement hub lets you search hundreds of improvement resources - you can even share your own. You can also collaborate and explore your ideas with colleagues on the discussion board.


The final day to access is Friday 24th March 2017, after this date the site will be available through the national archive.



Masterclass Resources

Measurement - A practical workshop aimed at project leads, clinicians and analysts, focusing on measurement for improvement and the tools and techniques that can be applied to understand the impact of changes being made locally. The supporting slide pack can be found here

Patient Flow - The Patient Flow masterclass helped attendees to create a high level flow map of their chosen process, understand how patients move through the process; identify true demand and capacity; understand what causes queues and strategies for improving flow; use of process templates to model new service design. The supporting slide pack can be found here

Leadership - The day looked at the classifications of Tame, Wicked and Critical problems, the idea of ‘Cultural Theory’ and that solutions tend to reflect assumptions of organisations and/or individuals. The day finished with finding clumsy solutions to wicked problems - looking at how to construct alternative approaches to work problems and figuring out what you need to do next. The slides used on the day can be found here in two parts: Part Oneand Part Two. An additional supporting paper can be found here.

Improvement - Aimed at anyone responsible for driving or delivering change within their workplace, the day looked at how the organisations we work within are complex, adaptive systems, how change happens in these environments, and what we can do to plan for change in the best way possible. It also looked at how we can motivate people to change, and the individual values that can influence that motivation. Finally it looked at the structures, patterns and processes that impact on successful introduction of change. The supporting slide pack can be found here.